Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

Digital Marketing Consultants have always suggested to outline our targets and looking for criteria for developing personas. There, we have a question: is this obligatory for presenting a web to a lead or acostumer? Is it important if I am based in León, London or Salzburg? The answer is very simple: yes. A web page developed for «being» or «showing» is demod and put us out of the market.


Marketing and Segmentation: How many personas?

It’s necessary to have at least two personas selected, being the best number between 3 and 7. My personal advice is 3. Why?

  1. Is an easy number for working
  2. Cover all the personality characters
  3. Simplify the building of the site.

The main reason is that choosing three personas is enough and we will be able to cover all of the personality characters that our customers present. We’ll simplify the building of the website because it’s easier to develop one website designed for three personas than desing another website  for seven.

A bigger number would complicate our efforts and less could let a hole in our prospection.


Targets in a Digital Marketing Plan: Our strategy

We have selected 3 personas for developing ou systems in our Digital Marketing Plan. In this sense, it should be important to outline the site for the following ones:

  • Persona 1: Methodical people
  • Persona 2: Humanistic people
  • Persona 3: Spontaneous/competitive people

You have to change your site with the aim of changing all that kind of visitors or leads into costumers and must be mandatory, when outlined, a clear call to action. So you’ll need at least 3 calls to action, one for every persona.


What is my Plan right now?

Our web is not developed for ourselves or for having the ok from the proprietary of the business, but for our future customers or clients. Our presence in Internet must be a tool for generating leads and convert them into buyers.

We recommend you to build three different landing pages or even three different subdomains where every kind of persona, every visitor, every customer could find what they are searching for. After that, we have to develop a webscan for controlling everything goes OK in our website and we did nothing wrong.

Therefore we will be able to optimise our abilities for changing them into new costumers and get our objective for our site: profits.