Control or fail: your choice

Only what can be measured can be improved. This is one of the keypoints where a company or person must focus if wants to succeed.

When designing a digital marketing strategy, all we know we have to plan, develop and finally controlling the goals. This is just theory, and most of the times we just act without scheduling, without planning, and worst at all, without testing.


Why control is a must for success

Goals: this is the only objective that matters. If we don’t define clearly what are we looking for, what’s the action we want our visitors develop when visiting our website, why do we have a twitter account or a Youtube channel, we can be spending our time for nothing.

Once we noticed this is indispensable for our digital marketing plan, we have to test continuously if we reach the objectives  we wanted to achieve. This is the best way we have to control if what we are doing is right, wrong and how to improve.

Google analytics will provide your for free with all the analytics you need for your site. For testing your advances in Social Media it could be great Klout, and finally, you can test if your incomes are the ones you expected or how to increase them.


Do we really need to test everything?

Yes, everything… for achieving our goals. If we act just for the next day, if our activity is not guided by a planned and scheduled timetable, we are in trouble.

But remember, control is not to spend our lives in front of analytics, but control them. The time and periodicity will depend on the project we are developing and it will be proportional to the whole project in time and resources. You have to optimize your time and resources!


What’s next?

First to plan, then to execute it and finally to control. If we follow these steps we are in the right way.

Are you ready for success?