Elementos de Marketing de los que hablamos

SEO or SEM?, PPC or PPL?

Most of times marketers and other people find this kind of «letters» one after another without knowing quite well what are we talking about.

Here we’ll present you some of this concepts, trying to offer you the simplest way to knowledge.

And this time, SEO will be our objective.


Search Engine Optimization – SEO

When digital marketing consultants talk about search engine optimization, we are talking about one simple thing: to be at the top in Google.

Why Google? Because Google has more than 95% of the market in countries like Spain and other Europeans and more than 70% in the USA.

Yes, there are other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, but I don’t know any SEO for them. Are you a Yahoo! fan? Do yo hate Google? Then, you should think if your clients do, if your customers do, if your visitors do, and then react.


Is there anything more than google?

And yes, there are other countries like Russia and China where Google is not the main search engine but… Are you going to develop SEO strategies in cyrillic scripture or Chinese characters?

Then, maybe you need to go to specialised websites in these languages. But if you just need to get a good result with keyword like dymatize elite and nutrition products, you’ll need google.com or google.co.uk as your search engines.

In resume, when we talk about SEO, we talk about having the best places in Google, organic results in Google.



Some concepts for knowing

SERPs: Search Engine Result Pages are the webs that a search engine (yes, Google), shows you after a query.

Internal SEO: All the techniques and tactics for adapting a web to good recommendations (so, Google recommendations) for having the best chances for getting good positions in SERPs.

External SEO: All the techniques and tactics developed outside the web for getting the best positions in SERPS (that is, quality liks).

Link Building: SEO external strategies for build links to your website.

Black Hat Link Building: Link Building strategies that Google doesn’t like, that is, considered «unnatural» by them and that can condemn you to ostracism in this search engine.

White Hat Link Building: Do what Google says for getting links and just get «natural» ones because people love your content. This strategy can condemn you to ostracism… by visitors.

SEO Link Building Strategy: Strategy developed by a SEO consultant consistent in being as aggressive as possible -close to blackhat- but trying to be as «natural» as it can be possible.


Your turn about SEO strategies

Do you develop SEO strategies? What do you think is the best one?
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