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Social Media and South American: A big market awakes

When we think in SEO, Social Media and Marketing we’re always thinking about United States, United Kingdom, sometimes Europe, sometimes India and if things are not pretty, about China.

But there is a big market over there called Hispanic America or Latin America. Countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela or Ecuador are developing big skills in Online Marketing.


Marketing power in Spanish Countries

Social Media growing in Spanish countries is not just high, but all a revolution even in the USA. I live in León, Europe, and like it was seen, a lot of terms linked to León are not about León, Europe, but León, Mexico. The second city in Nicaragua is León and there is also a (new) Kingdom of León in Mexico.

What signifies that? It signifies that for SEO and Digital Marketing purposes, Leoneses in Mexico are growing faster than Leoneses in Europe. They’re developing all their skills, using the newest tools and improving so much for competing against Europe.


What about North vs. South America?

South America countries have a very big speaking market in Spanish, one of the main languages in Internet… but also in the USA. The strength of Spanish language in North America is supported not just by Mexico, but by million of people in the USA that have Spanish as their first or second language.

Digital Marketing actions, SEO and Digital Media suffer an authentic explosion not just but Spain, in Europe, but by all these countries that will join to Mexico and millions in USA. They are at the top in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google+.

That’s one of the main reason because of them are going to grow exponentially next months and years, and a big opportunity for growing faster. If you like more than 1,000 followers in Twitter, a Digital Marketing Agency like AIgen Digital Marketing can help you.



Why Online Marketing in South America?

South America is more than can be watched in USA TV. Countries like Argentina or Chile have very high standards of live and their middle class is bigger and bigger.

Brazil is one of the main dragons in the world with a growing rate incredible just a few years ago. In the last WSI Convention in Las Vegas, Brazilian delegation was one of the bigger ones, with high reputation for its digital marketing consultants.

And by the way, other countries in the area invest big amounts of money in Online Marketing, SEO, Pay per Click and Web Design because there are people with money that have seen a big opportunity of making even more money investing in New Technologies.

Congratulations my friends, you’re just now the promise land again.