Digital Marketing and Social Media: Undeveloped countries

Digital Marketing and Social Media are one of the main revolutions in last years, but not for all the countries. While Europe, USA, Canada and Australia have higher rates, Africa is absolutely KO (except Sud Africa).

There were a few actions in education for talking about learning in Africa. A few of them had an agenda inviting participants to identify the lessons to be drawn from the development of education over other decades by renaming achievements and failures. Their scope was to develop recommendations adopted at prior meetings and to know if that offers had been implemented.


Good chances: Conferences and recommendations

Meetings about education in Africas founded almost all of times that it would be useful to reference material in documents offered by other examples.

These were the primary working documents that studied, by example, the development of education in the 1980s, the development of education in Africa from a statistical review or the impact of new technologies like Social Media, Internet, Digital Marketing, SEO or PPC in some countries.


A group of children helped by Yakaar Africa with learning materials in Senegal


Online learning for Africa: A solution?

First is to choose interesting features. This need to be donde with the remit of getting solutions that can be applied in Africa, and not just for filling dossiers or resting as proposals.

It’s quite interesting the content of some congresses who talked about the key features of the academic situation, viewed against the social and economicbackground of the 1980s.

Then it may be critical to study if that emerged like the following from these documents: the severe negative impact of the economic and social crisis on educational development in the face of the problem of democratisation and relevance; tutorial expansion inhibited in both quantitative and qualitative terms by the tendency for the sector to stagnate or regress; cuts in resources allocated to the education sector; a deterioration in teaching and learning conditions.


What about Social Media?

Where are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ here?

Social media in Europe, America parts of Asia and Australia is well extended, but the gap between us and Africa or undeveloped countries is bigger and bigger. What kind of information useful for 2010s? How can affect to know it the development of new programms? Can we apply the results and suggestions?

These are the questions that programms in Africa,  have to answer in this context and about online education. TICs and Redes Sociales -Social Media- are here, and online learning can be a very good chance.